Adscope® 608 Convertible Clinician Stethoscope Limited Edition




One of the most popular acoustic scopes, the 608 combines outstanding acoustic performance with rugged durability, and Adjustable Frequency Technology (AFD) which allows you to tune the diaphragm to enhance high and low frequency responses in both the adult and the pediatric diaphragms.


  • Convertible chest piece provides adult diaphragm/bell or adult/pediatric diaphragm configurations.
  • Combination diaphragm/bell adult chest piece precisely machined to exacting tolerances from surgical stainless steel for outstanding performance and rugged durability.
  • Extra-large bell (1 3/8″ diameter) for unsurpassed low-frequency response.
  • Ultra-sensitive diaphragm (1 3/4″ diameter) for greater amplification and crisper high-frequency response.
  • Clinician headset boasts reinforcing yoke molded into flexible 22″ PVC tubing and stainless-steel binaural fixed at 15º angle for greater comfort.
  • Scope ID Tag included
  • Lifetime warranty covers all parts

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